This is Us

my westcoast family

Lue & Me Apparel started in 2020 from a small idea that quickly grew into this successful business. We offer moms comfortable, high-quality, casual yet trendy clothing options. We combine the westcoast vibe with our motherhood pride to feature this original clothing label - westcoast MAMA®

Thank you for being here. I'm Chelsea, a west coast native who was born and raised on Vancouver Island, and has many memories of amazing travel and life experiences. They have prepared me for life today as a working mom, a wife, and now a business entrepreneur. 

Motherhood is a trip. Moms are busy and want simple elements in life to make the chaos a little more manageable. We know this well. Therefore, we focus on quality customer experience along with providing quality products to our families near and far across Canada.  

Be part of our journey and watch us successfully grow into a brand recognized across the westcoast.